WellRED Podcast #bucketlist

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Welp… I’ve had a few days to settle down, so I thought I’d write a little about my completely kickass weekend in Tennessee. My old man took me on a date to catch the WellRED Comedy Tour at Zanies in Nashville on Friday and, y’all……. To say that these guys are funny is a gross understatement.

book cover
The Liberal Redneck Manifesto

I’ve been following them since Trae Crowder’s porch rant blew up and I just felt like I found my people!! Trae Crowder, Corey Forrester, and Drew Morgan do NOT disappoint. There’s so much they talk about that’s 100% relatable for me and a whole bunch of funny-cause-it’s-true stuff that just puts me away. Saw them in Dallas right after the release of their book The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark (Y’all go get it. SOOO good.) and they KILLED!

I was beyond blown away when Corey asked me to come do their Dec. 2nd podcast. It was an absolute blast and I hope every one of you will go subscribe and have some laughs. I didn’t realize I’d be the FIRST live music on WellRED Podcast! I love these guys like mad, and I think y’all will, too. Mine is WellRED Podcast #44 (of course it is) “Mueller…Mueller? w/ Heather Little!” (also available here).

Now, PLEASE NOTE there is a capital “E” for a reason. This is NOT for children. And NOT for anyone with an aversion to the F-bomb. It’s meant for adults, so don’t play this in car on the way home from picking up Sally-Jo and Kiersten from practice and then send me hate mail over their newfound affinity for swear words. THANK YOU for reading my note. THANK YOU for listening. Be kind, do better, repeat. hl