YOU CAME TO SEE ME!!    I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your visiting this page.  Chances are, you’ve been to see me play or you’re thinking about making it out to a show soon.  I just posted over thirty new dates for the summer!!  Maybe I’ll see you out there!


Forge Bistro in Ben Wheeler on 06/04/16

297274_280969128596981_100000516875337_1171406_1203266339_nHeather will be at The Forge Bistro in Ben Wheeler, Texas on June 4th.


Brady’s Coffee in Tyler on 05/07/16

bradys-coffeeHeather will be back at Brady’s Coffee in Tyler, TX on May 7 with Meredith Crawford & the Backhand Band!

Ditch the Noise.

There is SO much to see and read and watch and hear and feel when I dip into the social media bucket.  For me, the worlds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, have become like walking out my front door into a crowd of negative voices shouting at ME.  I can’t change what they’re saying, but I can choose the upside.  I am here for the thing that makes me feel the most alive, the most driven, the most connected to who I am to how we all came to be.  I am here for the music.  I will listen to love in all its many forms.  I will listen to mercy and empathy.  I will listen to the saddest of sorrows and most joyful refrains.  I will listen to the sounds that feed my soul.  Everything else is just noise.



Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas on 04/28/16

opening-bell-coffee-logo_1263433891_n-smallDallas, TX! April 28th we’re back rockin’ Opening Bell Coffee!!

Dave Wilson kicks it off at 8:00 (COME EARLY!!) and we’re up at 9:00. DON’T MISS THIS, folks!