OYOU, Terri Hendrix, and her band of merry warriors…

     Now that I’ve had a minute to process it all, I’m ready to write you.  The OYOU Creative Women’s Retreat was even more renewing and reconstructive than the previous year’s!  Terri Hendrix is as powerful a soul as you’ll ever find, and her kindness knows no bounds.  What an incredible gift to be afforded the privilege of consorting with a room full of fiercely imaginative, loving, strong, women.  The depth of the spiritual and creative immersion we find at OYOU is simply too great to be measured.  You people ROCK, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  I so look forward to next year and I miss you already.

**To learn more about OYOU (Own Your Own Universe), or to donate to this beautiful entity, go to https://www.ownyourownuniverse.org/

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